Agia Marina - Cyprus

Agia Marina - Cyprus

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Agia Marina is a Cypriot popular tourist village in Paphos area. It is locate 14km NE of Poli Chrysochous and it is built in an average altitude of 190 meters.
The village is known as Agia Marina Chrysochous so that it is distinguished from the other villages with the same name in Cyprus and/or Greece. The last census conducted in Cyprus showed that the population of the village is 687 habitants.
The village emerges from a beautiful landscape, made of the most tranquil colours of nature: blue and green. Nature had offered to the village a unique beauty, which is consisted of the wild vegetation and the clean sea. The natural beauty is harmonically interrupted by the cultivated land, which draw water from the barrier of the village. The visitor can approach the beauties of the village through two trails that pass across the village.
The biggest part of the village is covered with wild flora which is enriched by afforestation and cultivated plants. The view from the east part of the village is amazing. Green dominates the woods and it calms the visitor.
The west part of the village is decorated by cultivated land which is mainly irrigated by the barrier. The main cultivations of the village are vegetables, cereals, citrus and fruit trees and forage plants.
The irrigation of the cultivated land is completely depended on the barrier of the village. The river Xeros which is 2,5 km away from the sea, supplies the barrier with water, which is estimated to sixty cubic meters (300,000 tons) of water. The barrier covers the needs of one thousand and five hundred scales of land.
In Agia Marina Chrysochous you can meet the wild animal “Ovis gmellini ophion” (agrino), which is found only in Cyprus and it looks like a wild sheep. It is a unique and also a rare animal, thus its hunting is strictly forbidden.
Someone can approach the beauties of the village through two trails. The first one is made by the forest police and it is 4 km long, full of wild plants. The second trail leads to the barrier and to the chapel of Agia Marina.
The wild fauna and flora, the cultivated land, the beach, the barrier and the nature trails are joined harmonically and they create a unique piece of art.
The route from Poli Chrysochous that leads to Agia Marina is considered as one of the most picturesque and beautiful routes of the island.

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Whilst in Agia Marina two destinations that should be on every visitor’s list: The fabulous Latchi Harbour and the iconic Aphrodite Nature Trail. Some more recommended attractions which are within a short distance is the Blue Lagoon and the Akamas Peninsula National Park. If someone is looking for great family fun, can treat his children with a visit to the Paphos Bird and Animal Park in Pegeia and Pafos Zoo.Sports and nature image

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Reffer to Latchi and Argaka night lifeNightlife image

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In older times, the village was situated in the area of the old church of Agia Marina near the woods. At the end of the English occupation, the English pretended that they wanted to protect the forest from the inhabitants and the animals. Thus, they convert the woods to lots and sold the land to the villagers. This is how the village was “transferred” from its first location. According to an old tradition, the plague was dispersed in the area but Saint Marina eliminated it before it killed the inhabitants of the viallge. Thus, the villagers decided to give the name of the saint to the village because she helped them to fight against the disease.Culture and history image

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